Arbroath Harbour



©Lodge Panmure 299, 2019


Lodge Panmure was founded on the 19th July 1822 but it was not until 3rd February 1823 that the Lodge received it’s Charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland. It was the creation of a number of Master Masons belonging to Older Lodges.

The Lodge derives it’s name from The Hon. William Maule Lord Panmure, who was the Provincial Grand Master at that time; he took a keen interest in the foundation and was a contributor of the Lodge.

At its inception the lodge possessed no hall in which to hold meetings, and for a considerable number of years met in the White Hart Hotel. 1867 then The Lodge successfully secured the property on Hill St for the sum of £300 from the Museum Society and used the upper part while the lower was used as a flax warehouse. In 1884 the Brethren had the whole property altered, including the provision of a house for the hall-keeper at a total cost of £300. 

In April 1895 Lodge Panmure held a grand bazaar, with the support of the Sister Lodges. This was a major event for The Lodge held over three days and The Grand Master Mason honoured Lodge Panmure by travelling to Arbroath to open the bazaar. It raised a magnificent £674 of which £500 was used to repay the loans taken out to purchase and renovate the property with some of the remainder used to set up a benevolent fund. 

The First World War did not leave The Lodge untouched. The Masonic Hall was requisitioned to accommodate a detachment of Queen Alexandra’s Army Nurses and during the period until April 1919, when The Brethren resettled in Panmure Hall, The Lodge found temporary refuge in the Park Street Hall of Lodge St Thomas.

In February 1923 Lodge Panmure celebrated its centenary with a service in St Margaret’s Church and a rededication ceremony performed by a deputation from The Grand Lodge of Scotland, led by The Grand Master Mason, The Honourable The Earl of Elgin. A celebration banquet took was held in the Webster Memorial Hall at which more than 200 Brethren were present.

After the outbreak of the Second World War, Panmure Hall was once again requisitioned, in October 1939, by the military authorities, this time to be used as a NAAFI. During that period the Lodge found temporary premises in St Mary’s Church hall before moving and Knox’s Church hall in 1942. The Lodge was soon on the move again in November 1943 when it moved to 9b Millgate in November 1943 where it remained until Panmure Hall was vacated by H.M. Forces May 1946 and was finally able to return home. 

The war-time difficulties appeared to be over, but not before one last misfortune. A mine, washed ashore near the harbour, detonated, causing wide-spread damage to many buildings, including Panmure Hall. The entire lodge roof was lifted and failed to resettle resulting in considerable costs for repairs.

In 1973 Lodge Panmure celebrated it’s 150 anniversary and included in the celebrations was a dinner in the Seaforth Hotel.

Lodge Panmure was honoured when Bro. Angus Murray P.M. was commissioned as R.W. Provincial Grand Master of Forfarshire for a five year period and was installed in 2005 Until 2010.